Learn to read and write Arabic


The Arabic language is important in Islam, as it is the language of the Quran. If we know the Arabic language it is much easier to understand and get the right meaning of the Quran. A translation is good but some of the true meaning can be lost during the translation and thereby the true meaning and guidance is disturbed.

Here I have listed some common phrases which will hopefully help you to understand a little of the Arabic language, it is not a full language course, but it is a start. Hope you find it helpful.

Hello; welcome =


Hello; Peace upon you = 'as-salâmu calaykum


Hello; Peace upon you, too = calaykumu s-salâm

How are you? =  Kaifa Halok?

Thank you. Fine, by God's mercy. And you? = shukran. al-hamdu li-lâh. wa ant?

Good= Tayyib/ Bikair 

Bad=  Saia/ Mosh Bikair 

So so=  Eaini

What is your name? =  Ma Ismok? 

Nice to meet you. =  Sorirart Biro'aitak 


Go without fear = maca salâma


So long; Until the next time = ilâ l-liqâ'


Yes=  na'am  

No=  laa 

Thank you =  shukran 

Thank you very much =  shukran Gazillan 

You're welcome = Ala ElRahib Wa ElSaa 

Please=  Min Fadilak 

Excuse me =  Ann Eazinak 

Good morning = Saba'a AlKair 

Good afternoon =  Masa'a AlKair 

Good evening =  Masa'a AlKair 

Good night =  Laila Tiaba 




I=  Ana 

We=  Nahono 

You (singular, familiar) = Anta (m), Anti (f) 

You (singular, formal) = Anta (m), Anti (f) 

You (plural)=  Antom, Antona 

They=  Hom (m), Hoonna (f) 

Wife=  Za'oga 

Husband = Za'og 

Daughter =  Ibna 

Son=  Ibn 

Mother=  Um 

Father=  Ab 

Friend= Sadik 




Post office =  Markaz Barid    

Museum=  Matihaf 

Bank=  bank 

Police station =  Kissam Shorta 

Hospital =  Mostashifa 

Pharmacy, Chemists =  Sidali'ia 

Store, Shop =  Maha'al 

Restaurant =  Matiam 

School=  Madrassa 

Restrooms, toilets =  hamam 

Street=  Shari 

Square=  Meedan 

Mountain =  Gabal 

Hill=  Tal 

Valley=  Wadi 

Ocean=  Mohit 

River=  Naher 

Bridge=  Kobry, Jeser 

How do you say this in [English]?=  Kaif Takool Thalik Bil[arabia]?



zero=  Sifer    

one=  Wahid 

two=  Ithinin 

three=  Thalatha 

four=  Arba'a 

five=  Kamisa 

six=  Sita 

seven=  Saba'a 

eight=  Thamania 

nine=  Tisa'a 

ten=  Ashara

eleven =  Hidashar 

twelve=  Itnashar 

thirteen=  Talatashar 

fourteen=  Arbatashar 

fifteen=  Kamastashar 

sixteen=  Sitashar 

seventeen=  Sabatashar 

eighteen=  Tamantashar 

nineteen=  Tisatashar 

twenty=  Ishrin 

twenty one=  Wahid wa Ishrin

thirty=  Talatin 

forty=  Arba'ain 

fifty=  Kamisin 

sixty=  Sitin 

seventy=  Saba'ain 

eighty=  Tamanin 

ninety=  Tisain 

one hundred =  Mia'a 

one thousand =  Alf 

one million =  Millio'an 

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