A little about who I am


I was brought up in a town on a small island in Denmark. My family is a not-at-all practicing Christian family. I can't remember praying with my family even a single time when growing up. Therefore, I grew up without being taught any God fear. It was society around me which more or less laid down the rules of what was acceptable and what was not, and as it is society which is to blame for many of the wrongs, needless to say that growing up there (and indeed countless other places) gives acceptance to things which are not acceptable. The only times religion sort of came into the picture in my upbringing were at christenings, confirmations, weddings and funerals, and even then religion didn't have much to do with it, it was more cultural events. Also growing up there meant I was surrounded by only local people, no foreigners around and no people from different faiths. Now of course it is different as there is a mix of people there but it wasn't like that when I lived there. At that time what people knew about Islam for example was more or less only what they heard from the media and that was far from positive. If anyone took any interest in religion or even talked about it they were considered outsiders and as being weird, religion was associated only with old age, at least it was like that in my experience.

I came to England at the age of 19 and met people from many other countries and religions, and it was strange to me to see others taking such an interest in their religion, it was so contrary to what I was used to . Working with people of different faiths brought on conversations about religion and I developed an interest in getting to know more about Islam. I bought my first Quran in 1989, besides this I read many other books about different subjects in Islam. When I have questions about life I want answered Islam has the answer. It was also through studying about Islam that I found out a lot more about Christianity and I found one fault after the other with it, I knew that was not for me, that is probably also why it never interested me.

I reverted to Islam after having studied the religion for three years. It was a gradual change for me as I got to know more and more things. In the end I could find so many reasons for why I should revert to Islam but couldn't find a single reason why I should not.

I like helping other people to find out the truth about Islam and make them aware of the beauty of true and pure Islam. If I can be of any help to anyone, if you need advice or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, I will be only too pleased to help if I can.

You can contact me on this e mail address: mko@islamforlife.co.uk.

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