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Kids games by uptoten.com

Missile commando Game

The object of the game is to destroy the incoming missiles before they hit one of the 5 bases.


A fun game for all, use your mouse to move the paddle. This is actually very fun. Use with care, as you may find yourself unable to quit playing.


Move the launch paddle with the mouse, then click the mouse to launch the ball. Have fun!

Battleship game

A one-sided Battleship game. Try to find all the ships in less than 50 turns, guess where all of the computer ships are in the least number of tries.

Drop Fire action game

A quick moving game where you have to catch the rain with your pad while avoiding nasty fireballs and falling bombs.

Rockets action game

Intercept the rockets before they hit your ship. Quite easy, but strangely addictive!

Shoot Balls Game

Shoot all the balls using your mouse before time runs out!

Space Invaders