Meaning of Muslim names


                                   A    B    D    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    Q    R    S    T    U    W    Y    Z


 A                         BOYS                                                                GIRLS    

Boys names Meaning Girls names Meaning
Aabid worshipper Aabidah worshipper
Aadam wheat coloured, name of the first man Aafreen brave
Aadil just, upright Aakifah devoted, dedicated
Aafiya good health Aalimah authority
Aalam world Aaliyah tall
Aalee sublime, high Aamilah doer of good deeds, righteous
Aamil doer, work man Aaminah peace and harmony, secure, safe
Aamir civilised Aanisah good natured, young lady
Aaqib follower Aaqilah intelligent
Aaqil intelligent Aarifah knowing
Aarif knowing, aware Aarzoo wish
Aashir living Aasimah protector, defendant, central
Aasif able minister Aasiyah the name of the wife of Firawn/pharaoh
Aasim guardian, protector Aatikah chosen
Aatif kind, affectionate Aatirah fragrant
Aazim determined Abeerah rose
Abahh a great worshipper of Allah Abir fragrance
Abdan from abd meaning man Ablah perfectly formed
Abd al'Alim servant of the omniscient Adilah equal
Abd al'Aliyy servant of the Most High Abqurah genious
Abd al'Azim servant of the Mighty Ada grace, expression
Abd al'Azeez servant of the Mighty, the Powerful Afaf chastity
Abd al'Basit servant of the extender or creator Afifah chaste
Abd al Jabbar servant of the Mighty Afra white
Abd al Ghaffar servant of the forgiver Afshan adornment aids
Abd al Ghafur servant of the forgiver Aidah visiting, returning
Abd al Hadi servant of the Guide Aishah living, prosperous
Abd al Hafiz servant of the Protector Aliyah exalted, highest social standing
Abd al Haqq servant of the Truth Almas diamond
Abd al Hakam servant of the Arbitrator Amah slave
Abd al Hakim servant of the Wise Amal hopes, aspirations
Abd al Halim servant of the Mild, Patient Amani wishes, aspirations
Abd al Hamid servant of the Praiseworthy Amatullah slave of Allah
Abd al Jalil servant of the Great Aminah trustworthy
Abd al Karim servant of the Noble, Generous Amirah princess
Abd al Latif servant of the Kind Ammarah an inhabitant
Abd al Muizz servant of the Giver of Might Anisah friendly, kind, gently
Abd al Matin servant of the Firm, Strong Arub loving to her husband
Abd al Nasir servant of the Helper Anjum stars
Abd al Quddus servant of the Most Holy Aqeelah wise, sensible
Abd al Rafi servant of the One Who Elevates Aribah wise
Abd al Rahim servant of the Most Compassionate Asma excellent, prescious
Abd al Rahman servant of the Merciful, Gracious Azeemah great
Abd al Rashid servant of the Rightly Guided Azeezah dear, powerful, cheerished
Abd al Razzaq servant of the Maintainer, the Provider Azra maiden pious woman
Abd al Rauf servant of the Most Merciful Azzah young female gazelle
Abd al Khaliq servant of the Creator    
Abd al Sabur servant of the Patient    
Abd al Samad servant of the Eternal    
Abd al Sami servant of the All-Hearing    
Abdullah servant of God    
Abd al Wahid servant of the One    
Abd al Wahhab servant of the Giver    
Abbud worshipper    
Abdul Ahad slave of Allah    
Aboo father    
Adeel Just    
Adham Black    
Adnan proper name    
Afdaal superior    
Afeef pure, chaste, pious    
Ahmad praised one    
Ajwad most generous    
Akhtar star, good man    
Akram more noble    
Alaa height, elevation    
Ali most high, attribute to Allah    
Aman safety, protection    
Amin safe, trustworthy    
Anees friendly    
Anwwaar light    
Aqeel wise, intelligent    
Areeb skillful    
Arshad Rightly guided    
Arshaq handsome    
Asad more happy, more lucky    
Asghar shorter, smaller, junior    
Ashfaq kindness    
Ashraf more honourable    
Aslam safer, more free    
Ayman right hand    
Azhar shining, luminous    

B                            Boys                                                                girls

Baaqir fierce lion Baha worth, value
Badr full moon Bahar spring, bloom
Badee novel, rare, wonderful Bahirah dazzling, brilliant
Baha beauty, elegance Bahiyyah beautiful, radiant
Bahir prevailing, dazzling Bakhtawar fortunate, lucky
Bashshar bringer of glad tidings Barakah blessing
Bahr ocean Bareerah pious
Bajala honoured, venerated Basheerah bringer of glad tidings
Baleel moisture Batinah hidden, inner
Baligh eloquent, learned Batool virgin, pure, chaste
Barakah blessings Beena seeing, clear sighted
Barr just, pious Bilqees name of the queen of Sheba
Basil brave Bariah excellent
Basim smiling, happy Basimah smiling
Burhan evidence Basmah smile
Bilal water, freshness Bushra good news
Bishr joy    
Burhan proof    
Binyaameen name of the brother of Yusuf (sa)    

D                           boys                                                                girls

Daanish wisdom, learning, science Darakhshaan shining
Daanyaal name of a prophet Dawlah wealth
Dahhak one who laughs much Deeba brocade
Dameer heart, conscience Deenah obedience
Dawlah happiness, riches Duha fore noon
Dawud name of a prophet Dujanah rain
Dayyan a mighty ruler Durdanah pearl
Deen relilgion Durrah eloquent, pearl
Dilawar brave, courageous    
Dildar charming, beloved    
Diya light    
Duha fore noon

F                            boys                                                              girls

Faadhil an accomplished person Faakhirah excellent, precious, honourable
Faarooq one who knows right from wrong Faadhilah knowledge and virtue
Fadi redeemer Fadeelah superior
Fadil outstanding, honourable Faheemah intelligent
Fahim intelligent Fahmeedah intelligent
Faiq superior, outstanding Faizah successful
Faiz favour, grace Fakeehah cheerful
Faizal arbitrator, impartial judge Falak star
Fakeeh cheerful Farah happiness, joy
Fakhir excellent, honourable Fareedah precious, unique
Farid unique Farhaanah glad, joyful
Faraz height, ascent Farhat delight, pleasure
Farhaan joyful Farihah happy
Fatih beginner, opener, conqueror Faseehah eloquent
Fatin clever, smart Fatimah weaner
Fattah one who attains victory Fatinah captivating
Faws success, salvation Fatihah opening
Fawzan successful, salvation Fawz success
Fayzan beneficence Fawziyah victorious, successful
    Feerozah a precious stone
    Fiddah silver
    Firdaws garden, paradise

G                          boys                                                                girls

Ghaffar most forgiving, most merciful Ghadah beautiful
Ghaffoor most forgiving, most merciful Ghalibar dominent
Ghaith rain Ghaliyah fragrant
Ghalib victor Ghayda young and delicate
Ghanee prosperous, independent Ghazalah gazelle, delicate
Ghannam shepherd Ghaziyah warrior
Ghauth helper, defender Gohar precious stone
Ghayoor self respecting Gul-e-Rana sweet smelling rose
Ghazawan warrior Gulshan flower garden
Ghufran forgiving    
Ghulam slave, servant    
Ghutayf affluent    
Gohar diamond, precious stone    
Gulab rose    
Gulshan flower garden    
Gulsar garden, an inhabited town    

H                        boys                                                                  girls

Habeel Adam's son Abel Haafizah guardian, protector
Habib beloved, friend Haalah crescent-shaped earring
Hadee director, guide Haamidah one who praises and glorifies Allah
Hafeez guardian, protector Habeehah beloved
Hafs lion Habeebah one who is lovely, beloved
Hakam mediate Hadeeqah garden
Hakeem philosopher, a wise person Hadiyah guide
Haleef confederate Hafsah name of a 'mother of believers'
Halim kind, patient, compassionate Hakeemah wise, physician
Hamd praise Haleema compassionate
Hamdan the one who extols, lauds Hamra red
Hameem friend Haniyah cool, pleasant, calm
Hami protector, supporter Hannah happiness, affection
Hamid one who praises Allah Haseenah beautiful
Hammam hero Hassaanah most pious, most beautiful
Hamza lion Hasna beautiful
Hameed one who constantly glorifies Allah Hawwa Arabic name for Eve
Haneef upright, true Hibba beloved
Hanifah upright Huda right guidance
Haqq truth Humayrah red
Hareem respectable Husna beautiful
Haris guard, trustee    
Harun name of a prophet (Moses' brother)    
Hasan beautiful    
Haseen beautiful, smart    
Hashid one who rallies people    
Hashim one who shatters, crushes    
Hashir one who assembles    
Hilaal new crescent moon    
Hisham generosity    
Hatim judge    
Hayaat life    
Haytham young hawk    
Hudhayfah an old Arabic name    
Hurairah kitten    
Husayn beautiful    
Hud name of a prophet    
Humaam gallant, brave, noble    
Hurrah liberal, free    
Huzayfah shortening,curtailing    

I                           boys                                                                girls

Ibrahim Abraham Iffat purity, modesty
Idris name of a prophet, first to use pen Ikram honour, generosity
Ihsaan favour Ilham intuition
Ihtishaam magnificence, glory Iman faith, belief
Ikhlas sincerity, selfless worship Imtihal obedience
Ikram honour, favour, treat kindly Inas sociability
Ikramah pigeon Intisar triumph
Iltifat friendship, kindness Ismat chastity, honour, protection
Ilyas name of a prophet Izdihar flourishing, blossoming
Imad support    
Imran population, name of a prophet    
Imtiaz distinction, imminence    
Inaam reward, prize, favour    
Iqbal prosperity, approval    
Irfan wisdom, knowledge, thankfulness    
Irshad guide, instruct    
Isa Arabic name for Jesus (sa)    
Ishaq name of a prophet    
Islam submission to Allah    
Ismail name of Abraham's (sa) son    
Israeel the chosen one (of Allah )    
Iyadd generous    
Izzat honour, high rank    

J                          boys                                                                 girls

Jaan life, soul Jaan life
Jabal mountain Jabeen forehead
Jabir comforter, consoler Jaleelah glorious
Jafar rivulet, stream Jameelah beautiful
Jalal glory, grandeur Juhi fragrant flower
Jaleel great, glorious Jumanah pearl
Jamal beauty, elegance Jumaynah gem
Jameel graceful, beautiful, handsome Juwariyah name of one of the 'mothers of believers
Jarir corpulent    
Jaseem corpulent, bulky    
Jawad beneficent, liberal, generous    
Jawdan goodness    
Jibreel Gabriel    
Jiyad very good    
Jihad holy struggle    
Jubayr compelled    
Jumanah pearl    

K                           boys                                                              girls

Kafeel responsible, sponsor Kaleemah speaker
Kaleem speaker, talker Kamaliyah perfection
Kamal perfection Kamilah perfect
Kamil perfect Kaneez slave
Karim generous, noble Kanz treasure
Kathir plenty Kanzah treasure
Kawkab star Karimah noble, generous
Kaysan wise Kas glass
Kazim one who restrains his anger Kaukab star
Khabbab one who walks fast Kawthar name of river in paradise
Khadim servant, attendant Khadijah first wife of prophet Muhammad (saw)
Khafid easy, comfortable, smooth Khalidah permanent
Khalaf successor, descendants Kharqa strong wind
Khalid abiding, permanent Khatoon lady
Khalil friend Khawlah deer
Khaliq deserving, polite Khayrah good
Khabeer informer Khayriyyah charitable, good
Khasib productive, fertile Khazanah treasure
Khateeb orator, preacher Khidrah green
Khayri charitable, beneficent Khuwaylah gazelle
Khazin treasurer Kulthum old Arabic name
    Kuwaysah pretty

L                          boys                                                                 girls

Laaiq worthy, deserving Laiqah worthy, deserving,decent
Labib sensible, intelligent Labibah wise
Lateef agreeable, delicate Latifah subtle, gentle, kind
Liyaaqat worth, capability, deserving Layla old Arabic name
Liqman name of a prophet Lina tender
Lufti kind, friendly Lubabah innermost essence
Lut name of a prophet Lubna storax, styrax
    Lama darkness of lips

M                         boys                                                                 girls

Madhat praise Madhat praise
Mahboob beloved Madihah praiseworthy
Maheen fine or thin texture, feeble voice Mahfooza protected
Mahfooz protected, safe Mahirah expert, adept
Mahdi guided to the right path Mahmoodah praised
Mahir expert, skilled, adept Maimoonah blessed, of good fortune
Mahmood praised Majidah glorious, skillful
Majeed glorious, noble Makarim of good and honourable character
Makhdoom one who is served Malak angel
Makin strong, firm Maleehah beautiful and charming lady
Malik master Malikah queen, owner
Mamoon safe, trustworthy Manhalah spring
Mamoor civilized Mansoorah defended
Mansoor one who is helped and defended Mariyah lady with fair complexion
Manzar view, sight Marjanah precious stone
Maqbool chosen, accepted Maryam name of Jesus' (ra) mother
Maqil intelligent Masabeeh lamps, lights
Maroof well known, famous, noted Mashoodah evidenced
Marzuq blessed, fortunate Masoodah blissful, fortunate
Masroor delightful Masoomah innocent
Masud happy, lucky Mateenah strong solid, of resolute mind
Mateen solid, constant, tough May old Arabic name
Mazhar witness Mehtab moon
Mehtab the moon Misbah lamp, light
Miftah key Miskeenah humble
Minhaj road, path Mubashirah bringer of good news
Misbah lamp Mubeenah manifest, clear
Mualim teacher Mufidah useful
Muadh protected Muhsinah one who favours
Muazzam honoured, respected Mujeebah one who answers
Mubarak blessed, auspicious, fortunate Muminah a lady who offers peace and harmony
Mubashir one who gives good news Mumtaz distinguished, exalted
Mubin clear, obvious Muna wish, desire
Mueen helper Munawwar shining, bright
Mueez protector Muneebah one who turns to Allah
Mufakkir thinker, one who meditates Mubeenah helper
Mufallah one who prospers Muneerah brilliant, shining
Muflih one who succeeds, prospers Munisah sympathetic
Mujeeb one who answers Munyah wish, desire
Muhibb friend Muslimah a Muslim woman
Muhammad praised Mustaeenah one who prays for help
Muhsin beneficent, charitable Muzaynah adornment
Muhtashim one with many followers Musnah rain, clouds
Mujahid warrior    
Mukarram respected, honoured    
Mukhtar selected, authorised    
Mumin one who believes    
Mumtaz distinguished    
Munzir Warner    
Murabbi guardian, patron    
Murad desire    
Musa Moses    
Musharraf one who is honoured    
Muslim submitting himself to Allah    
Mustafa chosen    
Muzaffar victorious    
Muzzammil wrapped    

N                          boys                                                                girls       

Nabeel noble, intelligent Nabihah intelligent
Nabhan noble, outstanding Nabilah noble
Nabih noble, outstanding Nada dew, generosity
Nadeem friend, companion Nadeemah companion, friend
Nadir dear, rare Nadirah rare, precious
Nadr flourishing Naeemah ease, blessing
Naeem blessing, ease, pleasure Nafeesah exquisite, precious
Nafees nice, pure, exquisite Nafiah profitable
Majeeb of noble birth Nageenah precious stone
Naji one who rescues, safe Naheedah honourable, attractive
Naqeeb leader Nailah obtainer, acquirer, achiever
Naseem cool breeze, fragrant air Najah success
Naseer one who helps Najeebah of noble birth
Nasih advisor, well wisher Najiyah successful
Nasr help Najmah star
Naushad happy Nakhat fragrance
Naveed glad tidings Naqeebah leader, head
Nawfal generous Naseemah breeze
Nazeef clean, chaste Nasreen a white rose
Nazeer warner Nasilah honey
Nihal happy, prosperous Nairah helper, matching
Niyaz dedication Nazeefah clean, chaste
Nizam administration, order, system Nazimah administrator
Nooh Noah Nazirah observer
Noor light Nazuk delicate
Nuri shining Nelofar lotus, waterlily
    Nida call
    Nimat blessings, loans
    Nudar gold
    Nuha intelligence, mind
    Nur light
    Nusrat help, support,
    Nuzrat cheerfulness

Q                           boys                                                                girls

Qabeel Kain (Adam's (sa) son Qabalah responsibility
Qadi judge Qabilah consenting
Qadim ancient Qabool accepted
Qadir powerful Qailah one who speaks
Qamar moon Qamar moon
Qani satisfied, consent Qaniah contented
Qanit obedient, submissive, humble Qaraah cloudlet
Qareeb near Qareebah near
Qaseem share, portion Qisaf brittle
Qasim divider, distributor Quddusiyyah pious, blessed
Qaim rising, standing Qudsiyah holy
Qawee strong, firm, powerful Quraybah utricle
Qayyoom everlasting Qurrat ul Ayn delight of the eyes
Qurban offering, sacrifice    
Quddoos pure, free from any defects    
Qutb pivot, axis, pole    
Qutub northern star    

R                           boys                                                               girls

Raashid major, guided, intelligent Raashidah pious, righteous
Raaghib willing, desirous Raadiah pleased, happy
Rabah profit, gain Rabiah garden
Rabbani divine Rabitah bond, tie
Rabee spring Radiyah pleased
Rabiah greenery Raeesah princess, noble lady
Rabit binding, fastening Rafa happiness, prosperity
Radi well pleased Rafeeah sublime, exalted
Raees rich, wealthy Rafeeqah friend, companion
Rafee intelligent Raghd pleasant
Rafiq friend, companion Rahat comfort
Rahat rest, peace, repose Raheemah merciful, kind
Rahman most kind, most merciful Rahilah one who travels
Rahmat mercy Raidah leader
Raheem most kind, most merciful Raihaanah a bouquet of flowers
Rajaa hope Raiqah clean, pure, undisturbed
Rajab name of the 7th month Raja hope
Rakhshan shining, bright Rajiyah current, popular
Rakin respectful Rakhshinda bright, resplendant
Ramadan name of the 9th month Rameesah hidden
Ramiz symbol Rameethah wise
Raonaq lustre Ramlah sand
Raseem who who designs Rana graceful, lovely
Rashad right guidance Rand tree of good scent
Rashdan guidance, rectitude Rani queen
Rasheed intelligent, prudent, rightly guided Raniyah gazing
Rasool messenger Rasha young gazelle
Rawahah fragrance, ease Rashad righteous
Rawdah garden meadow, paradise Rasheedah wise, mature, guided
Rawh rest, refreshment Rawahah comfort, ease
Rayhan basil, fragrance Rawdah garden, park
Razeen solemn, sober minded Rawiyah transmitter
Razzaq privider, sustainer Rawnaq light, luster
Rida pleasure, approval Razeenah gentle
Ridwan approval Rida pleasure
Rifaah dignity Ridwana pleasure, delight
Riyaadh garden Rifat dignity, elevation
Riyasat rule, dominion Roshan bright
Roshan bright, shining Rumaanah pomegranate seed
Rukanah firm, solid Ruqayyah rise
Rushd on the right path Ruwaydah walking gently
Ruwayfi exalted    

S                            boys                                                               girls

Saadat prosperity Saadat blessing
Saajid one who is prostrating Saadiqah true, sincere
Saalim safe, sound, complete Saajidah prostrating in prayer
Sabah dawn Saarah sheet, veil
Sabahat beauty, grace Saahirah earth, moon
Sabeeh radiant, bright Saalihah virtuous, righteous
Saboor patient Saba morning breeze
Sabiq previous Sabeehah beautiful, of fair complexion
Sabir patient, forebearing Sabiqah past, previous
Sa'd felicity, prosperity Sadaqat truth
Sadan happy, fortunate Sadiqah truthful
Sadaqat truth Sadiyah blessed
Sadeem haze, mist Saeedah fortunate
Sadeeq friend Safa purity, serenity
Sadiq true, truthful Safeenah ship
Sadr chest, chief Safeerah messenger, ambassador
Saeed fortunate, blissful Safiyyah pure, righteous
Safeenah ship Safoorah name of one of Moses' (sa) wives
Safiyy chosen one Sagheerah short
Safwan rock Sahar dawn, morning
Sagheer small, short Sahirah wakeful
Sahab cloud Sahlah smooth, soft
Sahib friend, companion Saimah one who is fasting
Sahl easy, soft, smooth Sajidah one who prostrates
Sa'id forearm Sakeenah tranquillity, calm, comfort
Saif sword Salamah safe, peace, salvation
Saim fasting Salimah healthy, sound, safe, mild
Sa'ir walking Salihah righteous
Sa'irah walking Salma peaceful
Sajid prostrate Samah generosity
Salah goodness, rightness, honesty Sameeah hearing
Salam peace Sameenah healthy
Salamah safety Samihah generous
Saleem sound, sincere Samiyah elevated, lofty
Salih righteous Sana brilliance
Salim safe, sound Sanjeedah serious
Salman mild, affable, perfect, cool temper Sarah name of one of Ibrahim's (sa) wives
Samir a story teller Sarwari chief
Sami listener Sawdah black
Samit quiet Sawsan lily of the valley
Saood fortunate, pious, prosperous Shaakirah grateful, contended
Sattar one who conceals faults Shaahidah witness
Sawa equal, same Shabeehah picture, image
Sayf sword Shabnam dew
Sayfiyy concerning sword Shad happy
Sayhan flowing Shadan happy
Sayid master Shadha aromatic
Shaafee healer Shadiyah singer
Shaakir grateful, contended Shafeeqah affectionate
Shaahid witness Shafiah one who recommends
Shaaheen white falcon Shafqat affection
Shabab youth Shaguftah happy, blooming
Shabeer youthful, virtuous Shaheenah flacon
Shad happy Shaheerah well known
Shafaat recommendation Shahidah witness
Shafee intercessor Shahla dark flower, dark grey eyes
Shafeeq kind-hearted Shahnaz bride
Shah king Shaistah polite, curteous
Shahaab flame Shajeeah brave
Shaikh chief Shakeelah beautiful
Shajee bold, courageous Shama lamp, light
Shakeel handsome Shamamah fragrance, perfume
Shakir grateful Shameelah beautiful, quality
Shakoor most grateful Shamaamah perfume
Shameem fragrance, sweet smelling breeze Shameemah fragrance
Shams sun Shamoodah diamond
Shan dignity, splendour Shareefah noble
Shaqeeq real brother Shareekah partner
Sharaf honour Shariqah shining
Shareef noble Shifa cure
Shariq radiant, bright Shireen sweet
Shaukat grandeur, dignity Shu'a sunlight
Shifa cure Shurafa noble
Shihab star Siddiqah truthful
Shuaa sunshine Sitarah star
Shujaa brave, bold Sughra small
Siraj light, lamp Suhaylah canopus (star)
Subayah handsome Suhaymah small arrow
Subbooh extremely pure Sukaynah comfort, ease, calm
Subhi early morning Sultanah empress, queen, ruler
Sufyan quick winds Sumayrah brownish
Suhayb reddish hair and complexion Sumayyah exalted
Suhayl canopus (star)    
Sulayman name of a prophet    
Suwayd black    
Su'ud good luck    

T                          boys                                                                 girls

Taaj crown Taahirah pure, chaste, pious
Taariq morning star Taban glittering, splendid
Taalib seeker Tabassum smiling
Taahir pure, chaste, clean Tahirah pure, chaste, pious
Taban glittering Tahseenah acclaim
Tabassum smiling Taibah repentant
Tabish brilliance Taj crown
Taha name of surah in the Quran Tali rising star
Tahir pure, clean Talat rising
Tahoor purity Talibah student
Tahseen acclaim, appreciation Tamanna desire
Tajammul dignity Tanweer radiant, illuminating
Talat apperance, countenance Tara star
Tali rising, ascending Tarannum singing
Talib student Tawoos peacock
Tamanna wish, desire Tasneem name of fountain in paradise
Tameem complete, perfect, strong Taybah pure, excellent
Tameez manners, distinction Tayyibah sweet, pure, chaste
Tamkeen dignity, power Thaman price
Tanweer illuminate, rays of light Thamar fruit
Taqee pious, righteous Thameenah precious, costly
Tarannum singing Thana praise
Tasawwar idea Thara wealth
Tasneem name of a heavenly fountain Tharwat wealth
Tawbah repentance Thawab reward
Tawfeeq divine guidance Thubaytah brave
Tawoos peacock Thuraiyaa cluster of stars
Tawqeer veneration, honour, respect Tooba good news
Tawseef praise    
Tayyib good, sweet, pure    
Thabit firm, stable    
Thaman price, worth    
Thameen precious, invaluable    
Tihami a title of the prophet    
Tooba good news    
Tufail mediation, intercession    

U                           boys                                                               girls

Ubadah worship Ulfat affection, love
Ubayd worshipper Umaymah mother
Ubaydullah worshipper of Allah Umme-Ayman name of lady who breastfed prophet
Ubay old Arabic name Umme- Habeebah name of one of prophet's wives
Ulfat friendship, love, affection Umme-Rpp,aam name of Abu Bakr's (sa) wife
Umar life Umme-Salmaa name of Abu Bakr's (sa) mother
Umarah habitation Umme-Salmah name of one of prophet's wives
Umayr residents Unaysah friendly, exaltation
Unays friendly Uzma great, dignified
Uqbah consequences    
Urooj mounting, rising    
Urwah evergreen, bond    
Usamah name of well known sahaba    
Utbah threshold    
Uthman name of third khalifah    
Uwayam a float, buoyant    
Uways old Arabic name    
Uzayr precious    

W                          boys                                                                girls

Waajid inventor, wealthy Waajidah one who endeavours
Waahid one, unique Waahidah one, unique
Waasi capacious, ample Wafa faithfulness
Wadood friend, companion Wafiqah successful
Wafa faithfulness, fidelity Wafiyyah loyal, faithful
Wafiq successful Wahabah name of poetess
Wahb donation, grant, gift Waheebah one who gives
Wahhaj shining, illuminated Waheedah unique
Wail coming back (for shelter) Wajahat respect
Waiz preacher Wajihah beautiful, eminent
Wajahat dignity Wakalat advocacy
Wajeeh noble Wakeelah agent
Wajid one who finds Waliyah princess
Wakalat advocacy, agency Waqar dignity
Wakeel counsellor, attorney Wardah rose
Walee prince, friend, guardian Warithah successor
Waleed newborn Waseefah female servant
Waliyullah supporter of the faith Waseemah pretty, elegant
Waqar dignity, modesty Wasilah one who joins
Waqif aware, acquainted Wazeerah female minister
Waraqah leaf Widad love, friendship
Warid arriving, descending, incoming Widan sentiment
Waseef page, domestic servant Wisal communion in love
Waseem handsome    
Wasi trustee, guardian    
Wathiq confident, sure, convinced    
Wazeer minister, secretary    
Walayat guardianship, authority    
Wuhayb something bestowed    

Y                         boys                                                                  girls

Yaaseen name of surah of the Quran Yaasameen sweet smelling flower (jasmine)
Yaameen blessed Yaqoot ruby
Yahya name of a prophet Yasmeen jasmine
Yaman proper name Yasmeena jasmine
Yaqeen belief Yumn good fortune, success
Yaqoob name of a prophet Yumna right sided
Yaqoot precious stone Yusayrah easy
Yar friend Yusra easy, the left side
Yasar ease, wealth    
Yasir easy    
Yathrib former name of city of Madinah    
Yawar helping    
Yazeed addition, increase    
Yuhannis name of a freed slave of Zubayr    
Yuhans name of freed slave    
Yunus name of a prophet    
Yusr ease, convenience    
Yusuf name of a prophet    

Z                            boys                                                                girls

Zaahid devotee Zaahidah hermit
Zaahir apparent, evident Zaahirah blooming flower
Zaakir constantly praising Zaakirah one who constantly glorifies Allah
Zafar victory Zaakiyah keen perception, sharp mind
Zafeer of firm intention Zafeerah firm, successful
Zaheer blooming, shining Zafirah victorious
Zaid excess, abundance Zaheerah helper, shining
Zain ornament, beauty, grace Zahidah abstinent
Zaka intelligence Zahirah obvious
Zakariya name of a prophet Zahra white, beautiful
Zakee pure, virtuous Zahrah flower, beauty, star
Zaki pure, chaste Zaib beauty
Zareef witty, charming Zairah visitor
Zayd superabundance Zainab beautiful fragrant tree
Zeeshan grace, elegance Zaitoon olive tree, olive fruit
Zill shadow Zaitoonah olive
Ziyad generosity Zakirah one who remembers Allah regularly
Zokaa dawn, morning Zakiyah pure, intelligent
Zubayr brave, wise Zaleekhah beautiful
Zufar lion Zameelah companion
Zuhoor appearing, visibility Zareefah witty
Zuhayr bright Zarqa blue
Zulfaqaar name of a celebrated sword Zayb adornment
Zulkifl name of a prophet Zayba beauty, adornment
    Zayn beauty, grace
    Zaynnab beautiful fragrant tree
    Zaynah beautiful
    Zeenat beauty
    Zubaidah butter, cream
    Zubdah butter
    Zuhayra courage
    Zulaikhah beautiful, dazzling



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